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    The UIE Podcast #15: The Tension of Art and Science When Communicating Complex User Research

    Hosted by Jared Spool.

    September 28, 2017  ·  23 minutes

    Art versus Science is the quintessential Left Brain/Right Brain cage match. But in reality, math factors into great works of art as much as developing a treatment plan for a patient could be considered the doctor's design.

    Andrew Shipe is a developer at MEDITECH, a company that makes Health Records software. Through his research he found that medicine can sometimes be as much art as science, a fact that was getting lost in the cold, analytical research data. He discovered that telling stories helped to span that divide in understanding.

    Kim Goodwin, Author of Designing for the Digital Age, joins us on this podcast to share her thoughts on Andrew's approach of using stories and how that is the first step down the road of scenario based research. Kim will also be teaching one of the full day workshops at UI22 this November 13-15 in Boston. For more information visit uiconf.com.

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    UIE Book Corner #7: Jeff Gothelf & Josh Seiden’s “Sense & Respond”

    Hosted by Adam Churchill.

    October 4, 2017  ·  22 minutes

    Traditional marketing and communications often take the form of a one-way conversation. Things are put out into the market and it generally ends there. With the emergence of social media, a two-way conversation has also emerged. It leads to the opportunity for companies to sense what is happening in the market and respond to it.

    Jeff Gothelf and Josh Seiden previously co-authored the book Lean UX and in their latest, Sense & Respond, they investigate how companies can foster that two-way conversation. In particular, convincing companies that, no matter what industry they're in, they're software companies.

    In this podcast, Jeff and Josh share some of the highlights from the book and their research. Our hosts, Adam Churchill and Jared Spool dig into those highlights.

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