Bill Scott @billwscott

By regularly using terms like “wrestle” and “wrangle,” Bill Scott could be mistaken for a cowboy. And perhaps there’s some truth to that; after all, he’s not only from Texas, but he’s known for herding an ever-changing landscape of platform constraints to create meaningful experiences for millions of users at Netflix.

Bill has an eagle-eye focus on creating subtle, nuanced interactions that delight users. While an experience designer leader at Yahoo!, he championed the practice of using patterns in interactive design.

In a mesmerizing peek behind the curtain, Bill will describe how the Netflix team uses in-depth metrics to iterate on its interactions, and you’ll get insights to improve your own designs. His candid nature is just one reason why his workshop consistently has been rated “outstanding” by past UI conference attendees. So get ready … you’re about to get detailed execution techniques to bolster your design toolbox and strategies to develop your authority on interactive design.