Chris Noessel  ·  @chrisnoessel

Chris Noessel is a public speaker and trainer, keynoting and teaching all over the world on topics like sci-fi, designing the future, interaction design in all its guises, pair design, and, fingers crossed, generative randomness. Chris is the Design Fellow at Cooper, where he designs products, services, and strategy for a variety of domains, including healthcare, financial management, and consumer apps. In prior experience he developed interactive kiosks and spaces for museums, helped to visualize the future of counter-terrorism, built prototypes of coming technologies for Microsoft, and designed telehealth devices to accommodate the crazy facts of modern healthcare.

Chris' spidey sense goes off about random topics, leading him to speak at conferences about a wide range of things from interactive narrative to ethnographic user research, interaction design, to free-range learning, and, most recently, the relationship between science fiction and interface design.