Dave Gray http://www.xplaner.com  ·  @davegray

We’ve noticed that the first table to fill up in UX gatherings is Dave Gray’s. That’s because he’s one of the most interesting people in the field.

Dave first came on our radar years ago when the premier issue of Business 2.0 magazine featured the amazing explanatory visualizations from the company he founded, XPLANE. Since then, Dave has become synonymous with simple and effective graphical explanations.

Dave’s presentations are always filled with his delightful and iconic hand-drawn elements, which look so simple, yet communicate so much. Over the years, we’ve met dozens of folks who have learned his techniques and we’re in awe at how quickly they’ve picked it up. It was a no-brainer to ask him to be a part of this year's virtual seminar program. We’re so pleased he said yes.

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