David Rivers http://tworivers.com

We’ve known David for some time, and in fact, completed a high profile project with him just last year. We love the work he’s doing at Two Rivers Consulting, a design consulting firm located in the Boston metro area. David's experience is with large and complex web applications that are trying to accomplish many things for many users for large chunks of their working hours.

We're asking David to give this presentation specifically because his visual design work does more than just make something look pretty. He has a proven track record of creating visual designs that enhance usability and clarity in the interaction design at places like Sun, Apple, Netscape, and for 15 years as a UX consultant.

There are other reasons we're thrilled he's part of our Virtual Seminar program and the perfect presenter for this seminar. He’s not just an expert in design, but also happens to be an excellent teacher—a fortunate combination for us.

He’s super smart and a treat to work with. OK, he’s even a treat when you’re not working, just sitting around a table tearing into some sort of ethnic food.

David also designs and builds his own furniture, and continues to renovate and remodel his home. He also loves to sail fast catamarans. These interests enhance his appreciation for real-world design, implementation details, and eking out the best performance from a design.