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If you've heard of "Content Strategy" then you're probably already familiar with Karen McGrane. After all, she's among content strategy's most vocal proponents and practitioners - let alone that she also specializes in UX design, information architecture, and interaction design.

So, in short, she's probably going to blow your mind.

Today, Karen is a managing partner at Bond Art + Science, and she teaches design management at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. Before these adventures, she founded the IA department at Razorfish, where she was VP and national lead for UX.

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    What does it take to create a culture of design? How does putting user experience first change the way organizations work? At UX Advantage, Jared Spool & Karen McGrane interviewed inspirational pioneers who deliver user experience as a competitive advantage to their organization. The UX Advantage Podcast traces the journey to that event with short bursts of insight.

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