Lou Rosenfeld http://www.louisrosenfeld.com  ·  @louisrosenfeld

Lou Rosenfeld is one of the most recognized professionals in the world of user experience design. He's an independent information architecture consultant and founder of Rosenfeld Media, a user experience publishing house, with authors from UIE events, like Luke Wroblewski and Whitney Quesenbery.

Lou has been instrumental in helping establish the field of information architecture, and in articulating the role and value of librarianship within the field. He's worked with such organizations as PayPal, AT&T, Caterpillar, Ford, Microsoft and the CDC to make their own information easier to find. Plan to learn some of what they currently employ in their own site search analytics.

He is co-author of Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, considered the bible of the field (you know it, it's the Polar Bear Book he wrote with Peter Morville!), and was a regular contributor to Web Review, Internet World, and CIO magazines.

In 2011, Lou published the much anticipated Search Analytics for Your Site.

He is co-founder of the Information Architecture Institute and helped found the Information Architecture Summit. You can get a taste of his incomparable insight at his blog, www.louisrosenfeld.com.