Richard Banfield  ·  @rmbanfield

While we're blown away by Richard’s encyclopedic knowledge of every variation and approach to rapid design collaboration techniques, it’s his pragmatic approach to doing what matters most that I find most impressive. Working with Richard, it becomes clear, very quickly, that he is all about getting the best designs out of a multi-disciplinary team. On top of all that, he’s a joy to learn from, as he reduces every phase into easy-to-achieve steps.

In his day job, Richard is the CEO of Fresh Tilled Soil, which is one of Boston’s top product design agencies, with a raft of top-shelf clients like Microsoft, GE, Harvard Vanguard, and Intel. He’s an obvious choice for this workshop since he (quite literally) wrote the book on Design Sprints, along with Trace Wax and C. Todd Lombardo: Design Sprint: A Practical Guide for Building Great Digital Products.