Steph Hay @steph_hay

If you ever thought having final content before starting design was an impossible dream, you haven’t met @steph_hay. She’s worked with organizations of all sizes through a process that starts with writing real copy—and testing it for understandability—before doing any design.

In fact, she’s worked with us on this Content-first UX Design approach, and it’s been so successful that we wanted to share her with all of you. (But just for an hour!)

Steph has been an independent content strategy consultant since 2010. She also experiments with personal projects including (playlists for CrossFit) -- which she grew to more than 20K Facebook fans in 12 weeks -- and a CrossFit profile site called Tougher.Me.

Her talks (in All You Can Learn) are UIE fan favorites, and you’ll soon see why -- if you’re looking for an energetic, refreshing, practical talk that’s fundamentally based on user experience design, this is it.