Stephanie Lemieux  ·  @stephlemieux

If words like “SharePoint,” “CMS,” or “taxonomy” are part of your day-to-day lingo at work, then consider Stephanie Lemieux your design coach. After all, she’s an expert in transforming content into more flexible, meaningful user experiences.

As the principal of Dovecot Studio, Stephanie has helped diverse clients such as Nickelodeon, Arcade Fire, and the United Nations to make more sense of their content. And it’s no surprise – she’s got an uncanny ability to recognize common taxonomy issues, then re-structure content to create more helpful, usable products.

Before founding her consulting studio, Stephanie worked at Earley & Associates, where she helped clients including Best Buy, American Greetings, and Motorola. She also wrote “Integrating Taxonomy and Content Management” in the first volume of Information Management Best Practices.