Theresa Neil  ·  @theresaneil

Theresa Neil has been living and breathing user interface design for so long, she could take any single bullet point in this workshop description and spin it into its own session. Her Austin-based UX team works with a diverse mix of Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, and local start-ups. She’s worked in everything from travel booking to finite element simulation to simplify complex workflows and build better software. And she—literally—wrote the book on mobile design patterns.

Theresa rips the blinders off the old way of designing for mobile and reveals a fantasyland of possibilities. She’s banged her head against the limitations of various operating systems. Seen the small decisions that can lead to big fails. And knows how challenging building a multi-platform app can be. (Hint: Start practicing your Lamaze breathing.)

Theresa has a knack for unleashing the inner creativity in everyone around her. And a slew of hands-on activities and exercises that translate brilliant ideas into actionable development paths. So why settle for an app that’s just a scaled-down version of a responsive website? Blow the doors off the old way of looking at mobile and build something that’s innovative and effective.