Retired (But Still Great) Shows

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    The SpoolCast with Jared Spool

    The SpoolCast has been bringing UX learning to designers’ ears around the world since 2005. Dozens and dozens of hours of Jared Spool interviewing some of the greatest minds in design are available for you to explore.

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    UX Advantage with Jared Spool & Karen McGrane

    What does it take to create a culture of design? How does putting user experience first change the way organizations work? At UX Advantage, Jared Spool & Karen McGrane interviewed inspirational pioneers who deliver user experience as a competitive advantage to their organization. The UX Advantage Podcast traces the journey to that event with short bursts of insight.

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    Userability with Jared Spool & Robert Hoekman, Jr.

    It’s a show title, not a typo! Userability was a short-run, free-wheeling call-in podcast where UXers from around the world phoned in to ask Jared Spool and Robert Hoekman, Jr. questions on the spot a wide range of user experience topics. One caller, one question, a handful of useful takeaways, and hopefully some fun throughout.

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    Usability Tools Podcast with Jared Spool & Brian Christiansen

    Jared Spool discusses tips and tools for improving your site's user experience with Christine Perfetti and Brian Christiansen. They share someone UIE's most important findings from our decades of research on web design and usability.

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    A Podcast For Everyone with Sarah Horton & Whitney Quesenbery

    A audio series following upon their critically acclaimed book, A Web for Everyone, Sarah Horton and Whitney Quesenbery speak with UX and Accessibility experts to explore how we as a field grow towards universal design, without sacrificing design or innovation, with practical advice and examples of how to create sites that everyone can use.