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Episode #283 The Right Way to Train the Wrong Way to Research - UI Conference Podcast

August 12, 2016  ·  10 minutes

When we’re training teams on our design methods, what we perceive as ‘proper’ may in fact become a hindrance. Our dogmatic approach to our processes may prevent people from ever employing the techniques. Is it better to do it the right way, or to teach a wrong way that will get the job done?

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Episode #282 Amy Jo Kim - Turbocharge Your Product Design with Game Thinking Live!

July 6, 2016  ·  44 minutes

You’ve got a groundbreakingly innovative product idea, and you’ve assembled a crack team of designers. You know exactly what you want to do, but you’re unsure of how to do it. Without a framework to drive your product development, it’s Game Over.

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Episode #281 Chris Risdon - Shaping Behavior, by Design Live!

June 30, 2016  ·  46 minutes

Mobile, ambient technology, and connected devices are about mediating people’s behavior in their environments. Uncovering the whys and hows that drive behavior takes empathy, hours of observation, and masterful prototyping skills. You’ll succeed when you make, test, iterate, and learn.

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Episode #280 Marc Rettig - Change the Story—and the Conversation Live!

June 16, 2016  ·  46 minutes

Design leaders are unsung revolutionaries. They’re often at the forefront of culture change, advocating for a new conversation about creativity and quality. The old one involved meetings, presentations, and top-down mandates, and little to no input from customers.

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Episode #279 Dan Saffer - Practical Creativity Live!

June 10, 2016  ·  47 minutes

Creativity isn’t just about expressing yourself. It’s also about solving problems by putting disparate pieces together to form a new, unique whole. Practical Creativity fuels the everyday work and once-in-a-lifetime breakthroughs of designers, engineers, and scientists.

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Episode #278 Hagan Rivers - Crushing Enterprise App Navigation Issues Live!

June 1, 2016  ·  52 minutes

The only job of application navigation is to get users to the right screen. Ideally, all of your users should find what they need in 10 seconds or less, and with only a few clicks. But many enterprise app navigation systems fall short. If you’re facing a much-needed nav overhaul and don’t know where to start, it can be overwhelming.

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Episode #277 Jared Spool - Beyond the UX Tipping Point Live!

May 26, 2016  ·  76 minutes

For the longest time, making a great experience for the user was a business-strategy luxury item. A great product only had to work and ship. A great experience was a nice-to-have, not a requirement. Times have changed. The cost of delivering a product is no longer a barrier to entry. Quality is no longer a differentiator. What’s left? The user’s experience.

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Episode #276 Richard Banfield - Your Product Idea is Great, But Who Cares? Live!

May 20, 2016  ·  52 minutes

Products and service designers deal with complex design problems in equally complex markets. It’s hard to know which solutions are winners and which ones will fail. Fortunately, you can use simple design insights from biology to eliminate doubt and risk, and prepare you for whatever comes your way.

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Episode #275 Erika Hall - Cultivating Shared Understanding from Collaborative User Research

September 11, 2015  ·  51 minutes

Traditionally, user research has taken on more of a scientific identity. You would do usability testing and research, take a ton of notes, and then compile all of your findings into a report. The effectiveness of that research depended on whether anyone read the report, and then if they could do anything actionable with that data.

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Episode #274 Nathan Curtis - Building Scalable Design Systems and Style Guides

September 9, 2015  ·  36 minutes

The expansion of the web past a desktop-based world into more of a multi-device ecosystem has caused organizations to re-evaluate almost everything they do. Style guides have had to grow to accommodate this new reality of multiple screens sizes and resolutions. When you start incorporating the multitude of products across devices and all the people working on them, organizations are forced to think more “systematically.”

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