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Episode #36 An Interview with Cooper’s Kim Goodwin

August 14, 2007  ·  35 minutes

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In today's SpoolCast, Christine Perfetti, UIE's Managing Director, sits down with Kim Goodwin, the General Manager and Vice President of Design at Cooper. The folks at Cooper are widely regarded for their design methods, including Goal-Directed Design and Personas.

Show Notes

In the interview, Christine and Kim discuss:

» An overview of Goal-Directed Design, an interaction design methodology based on user research » Why personas should be fictitious user archetypes synthesized from research with actual users » Cooper's groundbreaking design methods for gathering user data » The role of usability testing in the design process » A preview of Kim's UI12 full-day seminar, The Essentials of Interaction Design

There's a lot of great information here and I think you'll enjoy it.