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Episode #46 Creating a Web Experience from Scratch with Sean Kane

May 14, 2008  ·  33 minutes

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In this podcast, I had the pleasure of speaking with Sean Kane. Sean helped build one of the world’s most successful web applications as the Director of UI Engineering at Netflix. Last year, Sean left Netflix to co-found Get Listed, a start-up that is going to revolutionize the job search business.

Moving from a mature organization that understands the role of experience design to a brand-new start-up environment without any of the same infrastructure or support can be a real challenge. A challenge that is not unlike the challenge that many UX practitioners face when trying to bootstrap their user experience efforts in a growing organization.

Show Notes

I asked Sean to reflect a little on his previous experience at Netflix and about the challenges he's facing at Get Listed. We started by talking about Netflix's culture of metrics and the impact it has on their design. We then discussed the culture shock he's experienced as he moved to this new gig. Finally, we talked about building both a web app and and a web app team from scratch.

It was interesting to see how the impact of his experience at Netflix is reflecting the decisions he’s making while shaping his new startup environment. I believe anyone who is building out their own user experience efforts will find Sean's thoughts inspiring.