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Episode #45 Design Patterns and Anti-Patterns with Bill Scott

April 28, 2008  ·  39 minutes

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In this week’s SpoolCast I had a chance to speak about Design Patterns and Anti-Patterns with Bill Scott. Bill is the Director UI Engineering at Netflix, a position he took after working several years for Yahoo as an Ajax Evangelist. At Yahoo! Bill led engineering on the Yahoo! Teachers project and curated the public Yahoo! Design Pattern Library.

Show Notes

In this week’s SpoolCast, I had a chance to speak with Bill Scott. Bill has been one of my heroes for years, having really pushed the envelope as an evangelist for the public Yahoo! Design Pattern Library. He then went on to work on the Yahoo! Teachers project, where he took his knowledge of Ajax and Web 2.0 techniques and applied it to a creative solution for educators. Most recently, Bill has become the Director of UI Engineering at Netflix, where he now is driving how technology can enhance the user experience at one of the companies that understands what it takes.

During our conversation, we talked about some of the innovative techniques he's using at Netflix, what he learned from the Yahoo! Teachers project, and his most recent work on Anti-patterns -- learning from what we shouldn't be doing.