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Episode #73 Follow-up Podcast for New Ways to Think About Your Taxonomy

May 22, 2009  ·  36 minutes

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Seth Earley & Stephanie Lemieux answer questions about their recent UIE Virtual Seminar on Taxonomy.

Show Notes

Last week we held a UIE Virtual Seminar with Seth Earley and Stephanie Lemieux of Earley & Associates, a premier builder of industrial-strength taxonomies for organizations large and small. As always, we had a number of excellent questions from the live audience that we couldn't attend to during the seminar, so I got together with Seth and Stephanie to record this podcast and cover a number of those remaining questions.

If you didn't attend the live seminar, and are interested in taxonomies, then you'll still enjoy this podcast. If you find yourself wanting more afterwards, don't forget you can still purchase a recording of the session for another 90 minutes of taxonomy know-how.

During the podcast, I asked Seth and Stephanie to dig into these questions:

  • What are “business drivers” and how do they relate to building a taxonomy?
  • In the development of taxonomies, how do you avoid being bogged down in an organization's structure and keep focused from a navigational vantage point?
  • Do you use Personas to help develop your taxonomies? Why? How?
  • How early do you integrate usability testing in the development process?
  • We had many questions about Earley's experience working with a global enterprise taxonomy system that they developed for Motorola. Stephanie discussed that process.
  • How should you think about long term curation of your taxonomy?
  • …and more

Tune in to get some tips on how to tune up your taxonomy.