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Episode #25 Luke Wroblewski on Strategy By Design

April 24, 2007  ·  77 minutes

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In our latest talk from our archives we present Luke Wroblewski. He's a leading thinker, noted author and speaker in the field of visual design and design strategy; and a senior principal designer at Yahoo! He gave his talk "Using Design to Articulate and Define Strategic Direction" to rave reviews at our User Interface 11 Conference that we held in October of 2006.

Show Notes

Originally recorded at the User Interface 11 Conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts on October 10, 2006.

Organizations that recognize the strategic value of design know the power of design lies in communication. The design of interactive products requires effective communication with end users. Each product (via its interface design) needs to “tell” users what features it offers (its utility), how to use those features (its usability), and why they should care (its desirability).

The same communication skills that enable designers to create effective visual and interaction designs for products can also play a significant role in the development of business strategy. Unlike the equations, spreadsheets, and bullet points commonly used to express strategic direction, designers can envision and articulate a strategy through words, pictures, and motion in a way that everyone can understand.

Luke Wroblewski is a leading thinker, noted author and speaker in the field of visual design and design strategy. He is a senior principal designer at Yahoo! and principal of his own practice, Luke W Interface Designs.

In this talk, Luke will discuss how to use the principles behind visual design and narrative to create design artifacts that define and communicate strategic direction to individuals, teams, and entire organizations. In particular we’ll look at how artifacts are able to create buy-in for a product vision, provide market context, and illuminate data, processes, goals, and the impact of decisions.

Today, we present Luke's UI11 talk entitled "Strategy with Design: Using Design to Articulate and Define Strategic Direction." Luke touches upon:

» How is the old perception of ‘Design as decoration’ becoming ‘Design as driver of innovation?’ » How can you use design as a differentiator for your company in the market? » Can you leverage good design to keep your company agile? » How can you encourage communication through visual design? » Can design create narrative for understanding, easing your customers through complexity?