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Episode #37 Shenzhen Typhoon

August 20, 2007  ·  89 minutes

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This week the crew discusses a controversial blog posting, the role of usability research in product development, and experience design vision work and its application in the consumer and enterprise space.

Show Notes

This week, we have the latest installment of the SpoolCast crew.

In this episode, we discussed Adaptive Path's Todd Wilkens recent blog posting, Usability is a path to failure. Not surprisingly, we had some interesting thoughts on Todd's controversial post.

We talked about the role of usability research on product development, including the reasons why successful design teams launch both huge hits and products that fail to excite users. Next, we discussed the impact of outside influences on the design process, such as team and company culture. Finally, we explored whether we can apply the bold visions that we see in the consumer space, like 1987's Apple Knowledge Navigator, within the enterprise realm.

This is one of the best discussions I've had with the group and and I think you'll enjoy it.