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Episode #33 Skimming the Surface

July 9, 2007  ·  78 minutes

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SpoolCast Crew Episode 5 - featuring Nate Bolt, DeWayne Purdy, Kyle Pero, Daniel Szuc, Joshua Porter and Jared Spool. This week: iPhone, MS Surface, Second Life and more!

Show Notes

This week Jared reunites the SpoolCast Crew for another roundtable featuring some of the sharpest minds in the industry including:

This week the crew discussed:

We think you'll enjoy it. We welcome your questions and comments in the comments section.

Producer's note: Unfortunately, there was a little more background noise for this recording than we usually have. We've worked hard and tried to eliminate most of it, but some still remains. We apologize if it makes listening a little distracting, but we felt the conversation was too interesting to let go. We hope you agree.