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Episode #64 Web Standards for Web Apps with Molly Holzschlag

January 7, 2009  ·  33 minutes

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This week our long time friend Molly Holzschlag joins us to discuss the cutting edge of web standards as they apply to web application development. Listen in while we talk about the effects that HTML 5, ECMAScript and other standards will have on the web.

Show Notes

This week, our long time friend, Molly Holzschlag, joins us to discuss the cutting edge of web standards as they apply to web application development. Molly is the unsinkable author of a metric ton of web development books, is a noted teacher, and an in-demand consultant in the field. There's likely no one better to ask about web standards than Molly.

There are a number of new standards that have come out recently, HTML 5 being perhaps the most notable for web applications, because it was brought forth with applications in mind. New features, like canvas, are designed to improve dynamic interactions between the presentation layer and the behavior layer, for example, with things like ECMAScript, more commonly known as JavaScript. JavaScript's usage has really matured and become nearly indispensable as developers have really begun to exploit its full capabilities. JavaScript's importance to front-end developers continues to grow.

In this podcast, Molly and I discussed the impact these and other advancements are having on web application design and development, along with the tremendous benefits building with standards (or even a subset of them) brings to the lifecycle of a product.

(During the episode, Molly and I touched upon the critical security exploit that effects all versions of Microsoft's Internet Explorer for Windows. Please be careful out there, folks.)

If you found this podcast interesting, you'll be happy to know that Molly will conduct a full-day workshop for web application developers on harnessing the power of web standards in their work at our Web App Summit in April 2009. Please join us and take your work to the next level!

We're curious to see if any of our audience is venturing into the HTML 5 waters, or using other newish standards in their work. Won't you let us hear your story in the comments?