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Episode #1 What Users Want

October 25, 2005  ·  62 minutes

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When building a web site, how do you know what content your users need? How do you decide when you’ve provided enough content? While we know a lot about designing the structure of a web site, planning and developing the content is still very much of a craft in web site design.

In our first released recording, this presentation highlights the latest research of User Interface Engineering’s research to help web site designers understand what content users might be seeking.

Show Notes

In 2002, UIE started looking for patterns in the questions users posed on online message forums. Three years later, Jared shares the results they’ve found having analyzed thousands of postings.

In this presentation, you’ll learn about:

  • 2 important points on the knowledge spectrum: current knowledge and target knowledge
  • The difference between tool knowledge and domain knowledge
  • How UIE’s research isolated 14 distinct types of content
  • The six key types of information that live in the Needs/Solution Spectrum, including the Needs Identification and Solution Refinement types
  • The importance of Empathic Content, including Inukshuk content

You’ll see dozens of examples from web sites, including H&R Block, REI, Peapod, Netflix, ZipCar, Pomona College, Procrit, and the Humane Society of America.