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Episode #22 Where Did The Year Go? (Part 1)

March 12, 2007  ·  29 minutes

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We discuss the big user experience stories from 2006, including the Wii, the Target accessibility law suit, moderated vs. unmoderated testing techniques, and more.

Show Notes

In this episode, the SpoolCast crew convened to discuss:

  • the impact of the pending Target Suit
  • mixing automated and in-person testing techniques
  • multi-variate testing
  • designing tasks for testing
  • moderated vs. unmoderated testing methods
  • using Flash and AJAX on home pages
  • the importance of validating inferences
  • the interface paradigm of the Nintendo Wii
  • the impact of new devices, such as the TiVo, Wii, and Guitar Hero on future interface design