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Episode #3 Followup Discussion on Users as Information Architects: Is Tagging Right for Your Site?, Part 1

August 10, 2006  ·  29 minutes

Josh Porter and Jared Spool discuss many of the questions we received during Josh's Users as Information Architects: Is Tagging Right for Your Site? Virtual Seminar.

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Episode #2 Scent, Search, and the Pursuit of User Happiness

December 7, 2005  ·  55 minutes

Happy Users are the brass ring of web site design. Ultimately, the designers of every site have making users happy as their primary objective. However, many designs end up frustrating instead. Since 1996, User Interface Engineering's main research objective is to understand how to achieve designs which produce happy users.

UIE's researchers have found that user happiness is directly tied to whether the users accomplish their goals on the site. What prevents users from accomplishing their goals? Almost always, it's poor design caused by a design team that doesn't have all the information they need to make the right decisions.

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Episode #1 What Users Want

October 25, 2005  ·  62 minutes

When building a web site, how do you know what content your users need? How do you decide when you’ve provided enough content? While we know a lot about designing the structure of a web site, planning and developing the content is still very much of a craft in web site design.

In our first released recording, this presentation highlights the latest research of User Interface Engineering’s research to help web site designers understand what content users might be seeking.

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