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The SpoolCast has been bringing UX learning to designers’ ears around the world since 2005. Dozens and dozens of hours of Jared Spool interviewing some of the greatest minds in design are available for you to explore.

Episode #223 IA Summit 2013: Karen McGrane’s Closing Plenary

October 18, 2013  ·  59 minutes

Technology changes quickly. A lot of organizations struggle to keep up with this change. It’s not just mobile design that’s throwing a wrench in the spokes. Content strategy and information architecture are more important than ever in this changing, multi device landscape. Karen McGrane believes in the not too distant future IAs and UXers will be leading organizations in the face of these changes.

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Episode #222 Dan Klyn - Determining What Good Means with Performance Continuums Live!

October 4, 2013  ·  30 minutes

In considering your user's experience with your design, keep in mind that there's a difference between something looking good and being good. But how do you determine good? How can you measure it? If, for example, you’re a print company building a digital presence, do you focus on retention or acquisition based on the shifting experience? It’s easy to ask for something that already exists, but much harder to describe something that one might want or need.

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Episode #221 Kate Kiefer Lee - Voice and Tone Live!

September 17, 2013  ·  53 minutes

Given the amount of communications a user takes in on a daily basis, how you speak to them is incredibly important. The “voice” a company uses contributes to the establishment of the brand as well a creates a distinguishing identifier that sets it apart within the daily deluge of content users encounter. A consistent voice can help a user feel comfortable and familiar with your organization.

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Episode #220 Brian Suda - Data Visualizations that Pack a Punch

September 6, 2013  ·  21 minutes

Creating visualizations from data can be a powerful and intriguing way to present findings. But way too many design teams sit on vast amounts of data. They also spend entirely too much time making static images rather than interactive tools.

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Episode #219 Adam Connor - Design Studio: Building Consensus Early in Your Design Process

August 29, 2013  ·  26 minutes

Getting two people to agree on something is a difficult task in any aspect of life. Getting a whole team to agree on a design, where underlying feelings, ownership, and organizational hierarchy are involved, can be an even greater challenge. That’s not even counting the dreaded “swoop and poop” scenario. The trick is to get everyone involved early in the design process and a design studio is a perfect tool for just that.

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Episode #218 Margot Bloomstein - Controlling the Pace of UX with Content Strategy

August 21, 2013  ·  22 minutes

In some scenarios, getting a user to convert or react to a call to action is the desired outcome. It means your design and experience work. But if users are coming to and then quickly leaving your site, what are they really experiencing? If they don’t take the time to explore and discover they may not have any loyalty to you or the experience. And if you’re dealing in complex decisions, you want your users to take the time they need to fully understand and commit to their choice.

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Episode #217 Christine Perfetti - Jumpstart Your UX Research Program

August 8, 2013  ·  30 minutes

UX folks often have to sell the importance of the field to stakeholders. That’s also the case with user research. The costs and time associated with starting a research program, and actually interacting with users, are sources of a lot of friction. Organizations are now seeing the value in user research but it’s daunting to know where to begin. It’s also difficult to fit research into an already established process.

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Episode #216 Adam Connor & Aaron Irizarry - Building Consensus in Critiques and Design Studios

August 6, 2013  ·  35 minutes

Critique is often confused with being negative and critical. However, the basis of critique is communication. Having strongly grounded communication is necessary for any relationship in life, work related or not.

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Episode #215 Stephen Anderson - Displaying Data in Digestible Ways

August 1, 2013  ·  34 minutes

Culling through massive amounts of data is a headache. A dense table of aggregated data points can be useful in theory, but the manner in which it’s displayed is often a hindrance. Even more than that, showing that data in a chart or graph is confusing if it’s not effectively labeled. Data is useless when you can’t make good decisions from it.

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Episode #214 Scott Berkun - Innovating on a Deadline

July 31, 2013  ·  35 minutes

Everyone wants to be innovative, to be the next iPhone, or Google. Innovation in itself is a tricky proposition. There’s really no way to aim for it as a goal and it’s not something you can declare you’re going to achieve. Many companies and products have been innovative though, so there must be some way to do it.

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