Usability Tools Podcast with Jared Spool & Brian Christiansen

Jared Spool discusses tips and tools for improving your site's user experience with Christine Perfetti and Brian Christiansen. They share someone UIE's most important findings from our decades of research on web design and usability.

Episode #18 Moderating Usability Tests, Part 2

July 22, 2008  ·  35 minutes

In this episode of Usability Tools, Brian Christiansen and I continue on how to moderate a usability test.

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Episode #17 Moderating Usability Tests, Part 1

July 7, 2008  ·  34 minutes

In this episode of Usability Tools, Brian Christiansen and I talk about how to moderate a usability test. Turns out, the episode got so long that we decided to break it into two parts. This week's show focuses upon the different roles a single moderator needs to take on during the session.

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Episode #16 Applying Fitts’ Law

February 28, 2008  ·  15 minutes

A button is a button right? Move the mouse over it. Click. Not much to it, eh?

Well, when it’s a well-designed button, all the work your brain is doing to click the button is invisible to you. However, when it’s poorly designed, things start to become harder. Maybe you overshoot the target area? Or maybe you have trouble clicking because the button is too small. Often its not difficult to recover, but it costs attention and attention is expensive.

In this week’s podcast, we discuss the implications of Fitts’ Law. In short, the law states, “The time to acquire a target is a function of the distance to and size of the target.”

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Episode #15 Successful Web App Usability Techniques, Part 2

February 13, 2008  ·  22 minutes

In this week’s podcast, Brian Christiansen and I continue exploring usability techniques for web-based applications. This week, we explore the usability technique toolbox, focusing on those methods that help us with web-based applications.

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Episode #14 Successful Web App Usability Techniques, Part 1

February 7, 2008  ·  17 minutes

In this week's podcast, Brian Christiansen and I explore usability techniques for web-based applications. Web-based applications are different from content-based web sites because the users are involved in a transaction. When we're researching the usability of a content-based site, we're focused on how users will find and react to the information. However, with web-based applications, there are many other considerations that we need to account for.

Because this is a big topic, we've divided it into two podcasts. In Part 1, Brian and I lay down the framework for what our usability research needs to tell us about our web-based application. In Part 2, will look at the techniques for finding that information.

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Episode #13 Mouseovers in Navigation

December 17, 2007  ·  25 minutes

It's tempting to spend a ton of time creating slick flyout, dropdown, or pop-up navigation on our site, but is it worth the effort? This week, Brian Christiansen and I discuss interactive mouseover techniques for navigation. Are they a good idea when it comes to actually using your site? Based on our testing, we don’t think so.

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Episode #12 Avoiding Redesigns

December 3, 2007  ·  14 minutes

This week, we discuss avoiding redesigns. When we talk about avoiding redesigns, we don’t think your should stay anchored in the past, far from it. But we think the best route to change is through incremental deployment.

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Episode #11 On-Site Search

November 26, 2007  ·  21 minutes

In this week's episode, Brian Christiansen and I discuss the experience of on-site search engines, how to tell if yours is working well, and how to improve it.

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Episode #10 Robust Personas

November 21, 2007  ·  36 minutes

This week, we follow up our Virtual Seminar presentation on Building Robust Personas In 30 Days or Less, with answers to more questions that were generated during the session. You needn't have attended the seminar to learn from this podcast, though.

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Episode #9 Statistical Significance

October 22, 2007  ·  27 minutes

Statistical significance revolves around having enough participants to make your findings valid. However, the number of participants necessary can vary widely, depending on what you’re studying and how. Join us for a podcast that will help you understand how to make this determination for your projects.

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