Usability Tools Podcast with Jared Spool & Brian Christiansen

Jared Spool discusses tips and tools for improving your site's user experience with Christine Perfetti and Brian Christiansen. They share someone UIE's most important findings from our decades of research on web design and usability.

Episode #11 On-Site Search

November 26, 2007  ·  21 minutes

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In this week's episode, Brian Christiansen and I discuss the experience of on-site search engines, how to tell if yours is working well, and how to improve it.

Show Notes

This week, Brian Christiansen and I discuss On-Site Search. Our research has shown us that no matter how great your search technology is, it will fail your users if the experience hasn’t been carefully crafted. You may be surprised by how easy it is for even the best sites to get it wrong.

Some of the issues we addressed were:

• Why are your users searching your site? • What separates the best search experiences from the worst? • What can be done to improve search results? • How can you tell Search is succeeding on your site?

You’ll want to tune in and hear about the results of our Search Obstacle Course and to learn about the four types of search results. We feel a little time spent improving your site’s search can go a long way.