Userability with Jared Spool & Robert Hoekman, Jr.

It’s a show title, not a typo! Userability was a short-run, free-wheeling call-in podcast where UXers from around the world phoned in to ask Jared Spool and Robert Hoekman, Jr. questions on the spot a wide range of user experience topics. One caller, one question, a handful of useful takeaways, and hopefully some fun throughout.

Episode #3 Blind to Average Users

February 13, 2009  ·  13 minutes

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This week, Keith Lang from Canberra, Australia, asks about common UI devices that stump new users.

Show Notes

This week's episode demonstrates the lengths that people will go to be a part of the Userability Podcast. Or, at least how far their Skype connection will go; a bit over 10,000 miles (16,400km) in this case! We were joined by Keith Lang, co-founder of Plasq, makers of Skitch all the way from Canberra, Australia. He blogs at UI&us.

Keith offered this question,

All of us UI designers spend a lot of time with computers and become blind to certain problems. What would you say are the most common UIs, or processes, that confuse or impede the average computer-user? For example, I notice many people having problems paying attention to dialogue boxes, and recalling what they said. They just click OK, even on ones with brief text–sometimes with bad results.

Tune in to hear what Jared and Robert thought.