Userability with Jared Spool & Robert Hoekman, Jr.

It’s a show title, not a typo! Userability was a short-run, free-wheeling call-in podcast where UXers from around the world phoned in to ask Jared Spool and Robert Hoekman, Jr. questions on the spot a wide range of user experience topics. One caller, one question, a handful of useful takeaways, and hopefully some fun throughout.

Episode #14 Growing in UX

April 2, 2010  ·  16 minutes

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This week, Mohammed Alaa calls in from Egypt with questions about convincing stakeholders of the value of UX and about improving his own UX skills. Robert Hoekman and Jared Spool are back with another episode of Userability!

Show Notes

It is a good Friday indeed, because the Userability Podcast is back from hiatus! We have several all-new episodes in the pipeline that you'll see in the coming weeks.

This week's episode features guest Mohammed Alaa, calling in all the way from Cairo, Egypt. Mohammed is a UI designer who wants to expand his skills to include more from experience design. He asked two questions:

  • I mostly work with business applications. I want to convince my manager and my client of how important it is to have a plan for usability testing, during the process of creating the project. How?
  • My current position is as a user interface designer. And I would love to know if there is any specific course of study to become a user experience designer? And what's the difference between a UI designer and a UX designer?

Two questions means twice the ridiculousness as Robert and Jared stall for time with their replies. Eventually, they arrive at useful advice for Mohammed (and perhaps you) even if there was a hike involved getting there.