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It’s a show title, not a typo! Userability was a short-run, free-wheeling call-in podcast where UXers from around the world phoned in to ask Jared Spool and Robert Hoekman, Jr. questions on the spot a wide range of user experience topics. One caller, one question, a handful of useful takeaways, and hopefully some fun throughout.

Episode #7 The Strain of Relationships

May 14, 2009  ·  15 minutes

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This week's guest Dana asks Jared and Robert, "What can I do to court favor with design teams to let them know that I, as the usability consultant, am not just an enforcer, but I'm on their side and that we can learn from one another?"

Show Notes

This week's episode features a surprise in-studio guest, Dana Chisnell of Usability Works. Dana is a usability consultant who pairs up with design teams on a regular basis, all around the U.S. She brought a relationship question to the show… apparently she had us confused with Loveline. (No Dr. Drew here!)

Dana asked,

When I work with design teams, there's often a lot of competition for who on the team can spend the least amount of time working with the usability geek (me). What can I do, what do I have to do to court favor with the team to let them know that I'm not just an enforcer, but I'm on their side and that we can learn from one another? It's usually a long-distance situation, where the design team is in one place, geographically (and perhaps spiritually, mentally, etc.), and I'm in another.

Tune in to see how our hosts answer this one without resulting to flowers and chocolate! (Though, those might not hurt anything.)