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It’s a show title, not a typo! Userability was a short-run, free-wheeling call-in podcast where UXers from around the world phoned in to ask Jared Spool and Robert Hoekman, Jr. questions on the spot a wide range of user experience topics. One caller, one question, a handful of useful takeaways, and hopefully some fun throughout.

Episode #9 When is it "Usable Enough?"

June 9, 2009  ·  16 minutes

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This week, Will Evans asks Jared and Robert: when do you know your project is "useable-enough"?

Show Notes

This week's episode features a compelling question from Will Evans. Usually, this is the point in the post where I say something witty, but this is a question we hear so much, I will cut right to the chase!

Will asked,

When you are creating a web application or website, and you are ready to unleash it to the world, at what point can you say that it is “Usable Enough?"

Tune in for one of the most in-depth Userability Podcasts yet, as Jared and Robert give you advice on how to find that "good enough" launch point.